Mind Blowing Tamil Movies To Watch On Weekend

Mind Blowing Tamil Movies To Watch On Weekend

Are you alone at your home for the weekend? Are you bugging your mind with things that you should do this weekend? Then aha is here to the rescue. Make a list of all the movies you have wanted to watch for the longest time and stream all the movies on aha.

You will have the privilege of watching the  best Tamil movies 2022  just on aha. A few of the recommended movies that you must definitely watch are ghilli and pothanurthabalnilayam. These movies will make sure to blow your mind with their great plot. 


Plot of ghilli

The story of ghilli is about an aspiring Kabaddi player. He plans to participate in one of many regional matches. There he rescues a girl named Dhanalakshmi from the clutches of a powerful man named Muthupandi. Muthupandi desired to marry Dhanalakshmi without the consent of the girl. Watch the movie to know more about how his action influences the next occurrences in Velu’s life.

The entire plot of the movie Ghilli is quite interesting. Make sure to add this movie to your list of movies for your movie marathon. You will find this movie exclusively on the aha platform throughout the year.


Plot of pothanurthabalnilayam

The story of the movie pothanurthabalnilayam is about the son of the postmaster who desires to become a big-shot businessman. In this process to make it happen, he visits several banks to make this happen. However, when he successfully gets the money from the bank and he leaves the money in the care of his father, the money gets stolen. How in the next portion of the movie, he is trying to prove the innocence of his family.

The story of the movie is quite engaging and keeps all the viewers attracted to their screens. All the surprising twists and turns in the movie will also make sure to keep the viewers engaged on other screens.

Watch the Best Action Movies on aha.

If you are wondering where you can find  Tamil action movies,  thenaha is the right place. All your movie demands will be met on the aha platform. Watch movies from all your favorite genres just on the aha platform. Make our weekend happen by binge-watching your favorite series and movies.